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Dezylon Wholesale 

Dezylon offers wholesale private label services in clothing, jewelry, and home décor products. We primarily source our products from local businessmen, equipping them with information technology, financial, and other resources. We assure you that the product is of high quality and delivered on schedule.


Dezylon can tailor product packaging to meet your specific needs. Our team of talented marketing executives and managers is eager to assist you entirely and produce the perfect product portfolio for your customers.


How to get Wholesale Quote

Select Product

​Browse Collection of your choice, Select Product

Wholesale Query

Click on Wholesale Query Button and fill details

Receive Quote

Receive Quotation & place Wholesale order

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Wholesale Price

Wholesale sales include all the products in our catalog, so you can get great discounts on clothing, fashion, home decor, beauty, jewelry and much more.


Visit our store and discover a whole universe of possibilities for you. Whether you have a retail store, are an independent seller or want to purchase gifts for your family, our Wholesale Corner is the ideal place for you.


Our products are unbeatable, and you can buy them for incredible prices.

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White Label Clothing 

We produce white label clothing, through our own factory and with our clothing manufacturer partner.


We make customized products according to the client's requirements with their own company label.

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High Quality Products

In our Wholesale Corner you can find the beautiful and original products that we create and select in Dezylon. Unique pieces created by our artisans and found by our specialists, all made with high quality materials.

Find the most beautiful pieces of clothing, the most original jewelry, the most comfortable and elegant shoes, and spectacular objects to decorate your home with style.

Visit us and find what you have been looking for! 

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International Delivery service

As a complement, with the wholesale purchase in the fashion, home decoration, beauty, and jewelry sections, you will have an international delivery service.

Our shipments cover any region of the world. Our aim is to bring the best of India to our clients, no matter where they are. So your location is not a limitation if you want to purchase our products.

We have a safe, reliable and very efficient shipping service, so you will receive your purchases in a short time and in perfect condition.

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Let's Work Together

Dezylon emphasizes that the key aspect is your faith. Work ethics and policies are critical to us. Trustworthiness, genuineness, and professionalism let Dezylon achieve unprecedented heights.

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