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Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

Enabling Excellence and Ease in Private Clothing Manufacturer

Private Label Clothing Manufacturer 

Elevate your clothing brand to newer heights with the support of an expert private label clothing manufacturer. Our focus on high-quality exemplary finish and timeliness provides your business with a sharp, professional edge.

Our three-step apparel production process is designed to simplify apparel manufacturing.

Requirements Submission

We understand your specific requirements


We provide you with a perfectly crafted sample

Production and delivery

Transparent and timely processing, maintaining 24/7 communication.


Dezylon is a leading private label clothing manufacturer for men and women. In collaboration with our exclusive production partner, we make the availability of wholesale apparel effortlessly easy. Our expertise and rich industry experience in design, manufacture and curating quality apparel make us the perfect choice for a wide variety of private label clothing for established brands and aspiring new startups. We manufacture both men's and women's clothing in cotton, rayon, silk and up-cycled materials such as old sarees, with demonstrated expertise as Boho clothing manufacturers. Whether you are looking for an experienced men's shirts manufacturer or a women's clothing exporter, we have the required know-how and infrastructure to fulfil all your business needs.


Crinkled cotton - manufacturingprinting made stunningly impressive and effortless

We have made crinkled cotton clothing manufacturing and printing uncomplicated and effortless. Explore our extensive catalogue and shape this exciting material in your designs. Be it men's t-shirts and hoodies or women's tops and dresses, the versatility of this material can make your brand stand out from the rest as a unique private label for men and women.


Start your own bohemian clothing line 

If you want to create a fascinating Bohemian-style clothing line, we can provide your creativity with the wings with striking design detailing and outstanding production quality. From tops, skirts, pants, dresses, ponchos and even jewellery, we have the required infrastructure as a competent Boho clothing manufacturer to execute all your design aspirations to perfection.



Along with impeccable excellence in quality, we have robust control over our activities and delivery timelines. All this while maintaining 24/7 communication with our clients. Our highly professional team ensures that our production system is transparent. We make sure that you receive regular updates regarding your order. 

We have a fully equipped in-house advanced sampling team and a dedicated pattern-making team. Furthermore, a specialised supportive production system for garment cutting results in the finest craftsmanship and quality.

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