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Manufacturer for your Brand

Dezylon offers wholesale private label services in clothing, jewelry, and home décor products. We primarily source our products from local businessmen, equipping them with information technology, financial, and other resources. We assure you that the product is of high quality and delivered on schedule.


Dezylon can tailor product packaging to meet your specific needs. Our team of talented marketing executives and managers is eager to assist you entirely and produce the perfect product portfolio for your customers.


Let's analyze the complete process of our wholesale private labeling:

Custom Clothing Order

Concept Discussion 

Our team will have a conversation with you to determine the specific idea in the brand's wake. They will ask you the relevant questions, allowing you to quickly design your product while also fitting your customers' needs.

Cutting Fabric


Sampling and Production

We design samples of a particular product and further grant it to you for a trial. After you approve the samples, we proceed with the manufacturing of the product. We make sure that every product is thoroughly inspected.

Shop Owner on Phone


Package Selection

Your sales representative will lead you through various packaging options to create an orderly, on-brand design. This will happen once you've clarified your budget and purpose.

Tailor at Work


Product Designing

At Dezylon, we ensure that our smart team gives you the perfect product. Since our skilled artisans handcraft each product, you can expect it to be of fine quality and beauty. We guarantee to fulfill your product designing needs. 

Subscription Box


Marketing and Sales of the Product

 Our team of competent experts assists you in gaining a better grasp of the market and the potential markets for your offerings. We support you in determining your actual revenue from a product and the item's retail price.

india-artist-product (2).jpg

Let's Work Together

Dezylon emphasizes that the key aspect is your faith. Work ethics and policies are critical to us. Trustworthiness, genuineness, and professionalism let Dezylon achieve unprecedented heights.

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