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About Us

Our core ideology is to help local entrepreneurs, farmers, and artists in producing world-class commodities by providing them with financial, technical, and other resources.



Dezylon, Parent Company of Expended Elephant Pvt. Ltd., deals in Clothing, Home Décor, Indian Handicrafts Exporter, and a Clothing Exporter India. 

Dezylon intends to bring the world closer together. We find the greatest designs from artists and craftsmen all across India and provide them to our customers at a great price. Dezylon is a living environment that has grown and changed through time. We aim not just to be an ordinary online platform, rather offer a broad range of high-standard products as a Western Clothing Manufacturer offering Block Print Men Shirt and a range of western clothing. It's a gathering place for like-minded people to show off their innovation and craftsmanship. 

What we do

We strive hard to bring closer the local craftsmen and their artistic creations like home décor, clothing, and Bohemian jewelry to our customers so that we can support small and local businesses by displaying their talent to the entire world. By creating possibilities, maintaining ecological and economic sustainability at its heart, and providing an ethical platform for businesses, we are establishing and fostering an ecosystem of thoughtful and conscientious living. Our goal is to create a community that embraces the way of life and grows into a thriving ecosystem of ideas and people.

We specialize in goods with one-of-a-kind, high-quality workmanship, and undeniably local designs that fit in any place. Home décor, accessories, jewelry, and clothes are among our offerings.

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